Welcome to One Car Garage, in which I choose a manufacturer, and you decide one single vehicle that they make or made (no matter how old, no matter how exclusive) to live with for the rest of your life. This is your only vehicle, and all expenses are paid for, including price of entry, insurance, gas, etc.

As I was quite busy with work yesterday, I didn’t have much time to watch the One Car Jaaaaag Garages unfold. When I finally got to sit down and take a peek though, I was definitely not disappointed. Today however, we will be heading back over to Germany to grab us some delicious quad-ringed metal. It’s time for Audi.

For me, I’ll be following the same formula I did when making my Volkswagen decision. I want a good-sized, well rounded vehicle with a massive force-fed diesel. And when I say well rounded, I mean oddly proportioned, and sort of hippopotamus-esque. To meet those qualifiers, I obviously need to choose the double-turbo V12 TDI Q7. Dat 1,000 N·m of torque.