Saw my project car get hauled away last night to be scrapped. Good clean, rust free 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage. Originally a 1.8 liter manual trans econo sedan. But I don't care. I loved it. It is my 4th or 5th fifth generation sedan. They are light, nimble, and fun to drive.

It was a candidate for a 6A13TT engine swap. But I lost "umph" once I pulled the 4g93 out of it. Drove it for about a summer, and loved it.

I was going to have someone else take over the project for me. But he could not get down here before we moved to pick it up. I had no way to move it to the new house since it was missing rear trailing arms and suspension.


One more "spotted" post from me...

One more "spotted" post from me...

I was a little upset. But I'll get over it. It was just a car...right?