The front end. The non traditional headlight assembly. The ATTEMPT to try and do something different and actually put it in our hands. I applaud them for it. It took some getting used to, where the hood ends I was expected to see a carved out portion for headlights and instead you get a vast expanse of sheetmetal. Glorious.

More importantly? This car is a sign of bringing crazy, sexy design to the pricepoint where we plebes can actually afford it and enjoy it. We need more of that, bless Kia for making it so.

I can't see this not making production and being on showroom floors next fall. Its too damn appealing to turn down as a business venture. Your R/D is largely done. Hyundai is more than happy to take on any upgrades to the chassis and whatever else, if even that.

I don't care much for a GT86 fighter. I don't give a shit about small performance cars like that if I'm brutally honest. They do nothing for me because I'll rarely use them in such situations. What does do it for me is cars like that, cars that look gorgeous and carry excellent GT properties. I'd be racking up the miles in this kind of car. I want it to be a great experience and not just in the lap times or lateral Gs. Its what I kinda like about the Genesis too, the car can do the sideways dance but it would prefer that you let it chew out miles and be very effective in daily use.

Good grief. This is our world. Kia doing what the Japanese either can't or won't.