Here’s what the ad lists, since I think this needs to be saved for when the ad goes away.


-Dynomax Dual Mufflers
-Updated climate control with hard buttons
-2000 Taurus Seat swap
-OEM clear headlight conversion
- SHO 5 speed with new OEM clutch and axles
-Solid aluminum Subframe bushing kit
- 4 wheel disc brake with mustang GT caliper swap.
-4.2 conversion (bore and stroked kit) with under 1000km
-upper intake swap
-Split Port Head swap
-Coy Miller High Lift Cam
-New pistons and engine machine work (receipts from Richmond engines for the work)
- SHO rear bumper
- SHO Wheels
- SHO Rad
- SHO shifter cables and rods