So I had an exam for my architecture licence today. I get on the highway and even though its 10a.m. there’s a crapload of traffic. I get to the test center on time, sit down to sign and and I can’t. MY licence expired. SHIT. Not only do I lose the day off from work but I also lose the $210 for the exam and I’d have to register while would set me back another couple weeks.

I try to renew it on line real quick and it says I need to actually visit the DMV. SHIT. I call my wife to bring my passport. There was no way i could make it there and back in time. She couldn;t get the fire box open. SHIT. i told her to bring the whole damn thing. She showed up 15 minutes after my last chance to get in but they let me in anyway.

I went straight from the test center to the RMV. Amazingly I was in and out in about 30 minutes. Now I have to wait a week to see if I passed the exam of not.