Opposite, a few weeks ago while doing my brakes, intake, and spark plugs. I began attempting to install my Mountune RMM. This wound up failing, as I have what have been described as “Tony Robbins hands”. So I have chosen to have my Mountune FMIC, RMM, charge pipes, and catback exhaust installed by a Nashville area performance shop. They will also be installing an MBRP catted downpipe and a Cobb carbon fiber ram air scoop.

And yet as I sit out in front of their shop, overlooking a comically styled indoor shooting range and that idiotic, gimmicky car dealership Carvana, I feel some sadness that I could not pull off the install myself coupled with the anxiety of this shop not doing a good job. I should find some comfort in the knowledge that this is the shop that services and operates Music City Dream Cars (an exotic rental and leasing company). Alas I do not, but pray for eSTephania and I that today goes smoothly with zero hiccups.

Repainted over the Mountune logo on the FMIC, if they aren’t paying me I am not advertising for them.