This weekend, I visited a spooky abandoned mansion in Maryland. There are four abandoned cars on the property: three Chevys and a Buick. I wonder if anyone can tell me the year and model for each.

We’ll start with what I already know. The red one (car #1) is a Buick Centurion. I think it’s a ’73.

Now, moving on to the Chevrolets. There is this gold one (car #2) below. I’m not sure of the model and year:

Then, there is this black one (car #3), which I know is an Impala, but don’t know the year:

The last black car (car #4) was tough to get a good photo of because it was wedged between car #3 and a thorn bush. It’s the far car in the photo below with the blue-gray interior. It also had “Super Sport” badging:

And as a bonus, I found this inside the house: