I'm currently studying engineering (haven't chosen what discipline to go on with yet) and I feel that something's just not...right. I like the whole idea of being a professional engineer, but really I'm just pretty mediocre at maths and physics (I narrowly managed to get into engineering) and I have a gut feeling that I won't get that far in my degree even though I can tolerate and work through the stuff that I don't really like.

And now, I seem kinda lost.

My alternative has always been to go and do architecture or industrial design, but all I've got on my side is some technical drawing left over from high school (I got a solid A in my last year) and absolutely no experience in art, which is considered really important for portfolios.


What should I do? Carry on with engineering? Changed to design? Go do a gap year because I sound like a stressed out mess?

Have some VTEC for listening to my completely boring life story.