Same old question, but I actually want to know what is the best 2 door around this price to DD.

Like many here I like to think about what vehicle to get next. Almost out of college and I want a goal to save for.

First off lets get this out of the way, I'm too hipster for any of these:

I know they are all great but I just don't like the idea of blending in (I.E. last 2 cars were a SC400 and now a Crossfire).


IMO currently the Z4 seems like the best option. Yes I know the Zo6 is faster (a lot faster), but I don't think I could live with that interior on a daily basis.

Esp. compared to how gorgeous the Z4 is on the inside.

The Cayman S is objectively a better sports car, but repair costs and not being able to work on the engine at all is a scary concept to me.

(only good photo I could find)

Also, esp. when compared to the Z4, who shares its engine with more mainstream models (parts should be cheaper) and from what I can tell is easy to modify.

You can proceed to yell at me now, or tell me about a car I overlooked (I would actually appreciate the later).