My wife made a couple light mods to her awesome OPPO t-shirt! Plus.... I'm back from Mexico DF!!!! Murica \m/

First off, these shirts are beyond awesome, 55Buick is da man!

She started off by slicing the sleeves off.

..then got'em all sewn...sewed? all sewn up :]

she ended taking off around 6 inches from the bottom. An XS sized shirt would of too tight from the neck. This was a small and was also a bit wide. To solve that, she simply just sew each side around an inch and a half

She was thinking off making the bottom of it stringy, kind of like a bunch of spaghetti strings along the bottom but decided not to. Off to the back side, she got measuring...

She decided to give the back the shark gill treatment :]

Once she got the gills cut, she cut strips of material leftover from the bottom to tie up the gills.

then... gold pins :]

aaaand done son!

photo shoot time :]