I have been primarily a “jap car” guy, as my FIL so eloquently put it, and I need help identifying the T Bird engine.

Can you tell me what it is?

Also, here is a sense of what we are looking at with this project.

There is a bird that goes here that I ordered from eBay yesterday.
Other than the rotted rear quarter panel, this spot on the roof is the worst of the rust.
Ripped passenger seat. This interior is really cool
Missing badge, also on its way from eBay.
The other side is intact.
A lot of what seems to be relatively minor rust, but it is all over the car. Advice?
Cracked dash after 47 years is no surprise.
Lots of missing and beat trim.
The chome is rough. Let me know if you have restoration advice.
There are a couple of nasty dents, and this one has rust.
All the weatherstripping has to get replaced
Door sill is damaged.
Really bad rubber. But those little windows roll down, which is cool as shit.
Someody bumped the nose, dented it, and fucked up the grill.
My dose!
We already have a replacement for this busted badge.
This will have to be dealt with.
The rubber on these is shot.
Lots o’ surface rust.
Damn, that is gorgeous.
Yep, that rubber is bad, too.
Man, I dig these windows.
Wrecked clearcoat.
This one is barely attached.
The springs and hinges for the hood are enormous.

I also registered the Sunchaser for the Japanese Classic Car Show in September, so I am on an automotive roll. It was a rough week, so this is kind of nice.



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