...the Toyota Prius, and you've all been worshiping false idols. It's hard to take, I know. Give it a moment, and let me explain. First of all, it is batshit insane and counter culture. How many other cars can boast they have two engines? How many of them can say they send the power to the same group of wheels? Exactly. This thing is the same as a Cizeta-Moroder V16. But it doesn't stop there: it's a motherfucking shooting break. Look at it: it has the same traditional shooting break look as the Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Break, except more extreme. We all harp on about how we want wagons, and here we go. Finally, and the clincher to the argument here is that it is stripped out for performance. The only way you could get this to go faster is if you stripped the horn out and gave it a Cobb shifter, so you could save tens of lives on the drag strip.