I know Oppos seem to like Mazda in general but I'm curious about the Mazda 2. I might have an opportunity to get a car brand new if it's cheap enough and the 2 seems like a decent choice. Anyone have any experience with them that could weigh in on this?

Went on a cruise today with a small group of folks and my XC70 was kind of disappointing. It just has no handling, a ton of understeer and way too much body roll. Plus the seats have virtually no bolstering. If it weren't for the seatbelt, I would've fallen into the passenger seat for petes sake.

I know the Mazda 2 has no power but it's also pretty basic and, as a result, pretty light weight. I've been looking around the 2 forums and a lot of people seem to have a blast doing autox/track days in them despite the power.

So Oppo, if I do have the chance of getting a brand new car, is the 2 a good choice?