Crown Victor Victoria's request for a Jalopnik roll call just gave me a great idea: Oppositelock should have car meets for different areas that meet periodically.

I live in Southern California, about an hours drive outside LA, and I'm sure there are a ton of Jalops and Oppositelocker's that live in the area too, so why not have car meets where we can stand around and talk about cars, and our own cars. I know that's kind of the idea of Oppositelock anyways, but I think an actual car meet makes it even better.


We can set up a type of committe and set up car meets all over the country (and world) and then people can report on the car meets for those that aren't able to attend. I need help thinking of a clever name for this new idea too, the only bad idea I've come up with is Oppositelock's Game of Cars, but it's not clever enough. Who's game?