Hey Oppo's today I am going to share something that is long overdue. The following photos are from my dream bike build that I did earlier this summer. The bike is a Milwaukee Cream City frame which was custom painted and badged. I was working for the shop that exclusively sells these frames so I was able to significantly reduce the costs of this beautiful ride as well as have some work done that otherwise would not be considered. Let us begin.

Brooks Swallow Saddle Mounted on a:

Nitto 83 seatpost clamped down by a:

Phil Wood seatpost clamp (already a little light scarring) riding on:

H Plus Son Archetype rear rim laced to:

Phil Wood High Flange 32 hole track hub with Phil Wood Cog with Izumi track chain driven by:

A Sugino Zen Racing chainring with Sugino 75 crankarms that attach to my feet with:

MKS Sylvan Track Pedals with MKS Dual strap toe clips with Toshi black leather double straps.

The Front wheel is another H Plus Son Archetype laced to a:

Phil Wood high flange track hub which is all controlled by:

A Nitto Jaguar drop stem mounted into a:

Hatta Swan Super Delux threaded headset and controlled by:

Nitto B123 35cm track drops wrapped in Toshi lace up bar wrapped and plugged with Nitto bar ends.

The bicycle is custom painted to match the blue used by Nitto in a matte finish and has customer beer mug badging as well as:

As well as a Wisconsin state badge. An for the best part of the bike I had these added:

These are S&S couplers which allow the bike frame to be unscrewed from itself and broken in half for packing in a standard suitcase. This makes this an ideal bike for air travel as I will not have to pay airline fees for transporting it. (and they looking fucking sweet on the bike) The couplers were added pre-paint by the guy who builds Ellis Bikes (he is an amazingly skilled frame builder)

And there it is. My custom built dream bike. I spent a few years planning this build, and several weeks getting everything sourced and painted and built. It turned out better than I had hoped and is a pure joy to ride. All together the bike would have ran just shy of $5k however, having worked for the company I was able to work out a much better price. This is the only one on earth, completely custom to me and my style, and I plan to hand this down to my kid should I ever have my own.

Hope you enjoyed the build