Outrun Europa is a compilation album themed around a drive through Europe and features 27 of the best artists in the Outrun genre. The album was recently released by Plaisance, Vincenzo Salvia and Nightcrawler who have made it available as a free download on Bandcamp.

The song styles range from sunny, happy cruises to dark, frantic chases. Some of the artists show us that outrun really can span a wider spectrum of electronic music. Contributing artists include Garth Knight, Twighlight Racing, Alpha Boy, Neo Neo, and Dynatron.

There's a beautiful interlude in the middle of the album featuring a story from a police officer in Italy who chases down a Porsche Carrera 4S with his Lamborghini. I also like the popping sounds in the background. I can't tell if these are sampled engine noises or synths and filters:

Overall, this is a great album. If you are a fan of electronic music then you really should check this one out. Included is a road map for your drive on which each artist has pinned their home turf.