One of the several truck manufacturers that used to exist in or around Vancouver was Pacific Truck and Trailer. They built 2,308 trucks from when they opened in 1947, to the final special order P-12-W3 in 1995.


They were handbuilt, overbuilt, and were well loved by the logging industry, mines, and generally anyone who needed to haul stupidly heavy loads.

The biggest trucks they ever made were for the South African Railway, for hauling up to 370 ton loads

They also made whatever this insanity is

Hank Rabe has a lot of information and pictures about Pacific, and it’s well worth looking through if this sort of thing interests you.…

Here’s a video of the final Pacific built being test driven. These things were monsters. Well, are. They were built like tanks and I don’t doubt lots of them are still hauling.

Sidenote - The auto parts store I work for has two locations in North Van, and that truck was built in the building that is now shared by one of our stores, and an autobody shop. I don’t know if it’s the same building that previous trucks were built in, by 1995 they were technically only a parts supplier and may have moved locations when they stopped manufacturing. They only built this truck because it was specially requested and paid up front.


Anyways, this isn’t a brilliant writeup, I’ve just been spending my afternoon poking around local manufacturing history and thought I’d share.

Some more info and an insane amount of pictures here as well