I have two rally-related questions, and I hope that some of you wonderful people can answer them.

Photo from Black Box Rally team

First, is it good practice for a prospective co-driver to write their own pacenotes of a rally, and then practice reading them to an onboard video of said rally? I've done this with the 2013 ESPR, and I (personally) think that I've been able to learn the timing of pacenote reading. Is this worth doing, or am I just wasting my time because different drivers want notes read at different speeds?

My second question is also related to pacenotes. Here is an example of a note I wrote using the 2013 ESPR SS1- Charlie's Bluff stage (I apologize for my amateurish pacenote language). The note reads "Off-camber Right 5+ Tightens Opens 6 Extra Long Over Crest 50." That is obviously a rather long and wordy note. As Dusty has said in his co-driving articles (which I very highly recommend to any rally fan), long notes can and should be shortened. In this case, could the "Tightens Opens" be shortened to "Varies" or "Changes?"


I am aware that all this work might be pointless, as the pacenote language changes between driver and co-driver pairs, in which case I might have to create an entirely different style of pacenotes. I might also never get the chance to actually compete, so this may be all in vain anyways.

Thanks for any help and insight you can give me.