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It's really starting to have a negative impact on how I view people in general, and some groups specifically:

  • The elderly - I've never hated the elderly as much as I do now. They are rude, they often pay by check, they're slow, they have the IQ of Labradors, an alarming number of them will try to steal anything they can, and they don't give a fuck about holding up the line for 20 minutes because of an expired coupon.
  • People with reusable shopping bags - If you're going to use one, get it out before I start bagging shit. Also, don't buy more than will fit in your stupid bag - anything that won't fit I'll double-bag in plastic just to see it make you uncomfortable.
  • People that pay with checks in a retail setting - See above picture.
  • People who forget about their customer loyalty card until right after the receipt prints - The only way you're getting those points is if I do a complete return and repurchase. There's five people behind you. You want the points, get to the back of the line and remember your card next time.
  • People who don't control their kids - You get once chance to get them under control (when I scowl at you). If you don't do it, I'll get the manager - she's meaner than I am. You're out in public not at home, act accordingly.

If you do any of these things, please stop. All you're doing is making the poor bastard (like me) that's stuck working in retail hate you, themselves, and their lives more and more each day.