Yes, that's a Lambo, dude. Note how it's been on fire. Truth is, 99% of mid-engined supercars have had one or more examples catch fire, even the McLaren F1 that's lined with gold to deflect heat away. It's an inherent cooling issue with not having it at the front where all the air is, and it's especially tricky with a highly-strung engine like you often find in supercars. There's no magic fix, otherwise Ferrari, Lamborghini et al would have it on every mid-engined car. So it's not just Ferraris that catch fire. But more than that, it's just lazy, dull comedy. The prancing horse is being beaten long after death.

Before you make the equally lazy move of dismissing me as some butthurt fanboy, I'm not. I do love Ferrari's cars, but no more than other supercars, and their snotty arrogant demeanor as a company is off-putting. Frankly, at this point a 9-year-old could see fire and think "LOL Ferrari", and I trust that none of you are 9, so why keep making such a banal joke? It's overdone, and its lost its humor. You don't watch the same episode of a sitcom 7 times a day, do you? Because you'd get so tired of the jokes that they'd become hateful. It's like that. I'm so bored of them I try to avoid articles that invite them.

We get it. Ferraris can sometimes catch fire. Jalopnik likes reporting on it because it makes for easy clicks. Big sodding deal. You know what else catches fire?

Lots of things.