Fuck you rain. Stop scaring the supercars away. Thank you to the brave owners who went to Americana Manhasset despite the pouring rain.

Here’s the heartbreaking news: there were TWO Veneno’s scheduled to show up, but the rain had other plans (gray coupe, white roadster). The Stradman was lucky enough film them in the Lamborghini dealership while the owner was checking the weather reports. He should have a video up in the next few days.

And special shoutout to the dickhead security mallcops hired for the event...especially the one who assaulted a Jeep owner for not moving his car fast enough. Class-A act.

Anyway, back to cars:

This Porsche Trio was one of the highlights. All three painted in GT Silver. This is my first time seeing a 911R that isn’t white with red stripes.

Mmmm pretty! Looks great against the early-autumn foliage
Maybe I’m too young to appreciate these (born in 92'), but to me the 959 is the most boring supercar ever made.
Is this considered entrapment? I would totally TRY to get caught speeding if traffic cops drove Italian Polizia-spec Huracans!
Notice the uniformed Italian cop on the right.
Is this a special edition? Or is that paint job trying to look like some other vehicle (maybe air force???)?
Speaking of the military, here’s an olive drab i8
Blue Corsa 488GTB Spider
512BB. The brightest thing on this cloudy wet day.
What is this?!? I think it was in contention for winning Best in Show, but I’ve never seen one before.
Supercars had more ground clearance before nose lift-kits were invented.
Highlight of the show: Amethyst Black P1! Yes it’s purple!
Endurance Racing Edition
One of several Lava Orange RS’s. Matching orange sweater on the mannequin. 
And an R8 against a warm glowy-glowy background.