Dozens of vintage (and not so vintage) Volkswagens assembled in Austin for the annual June Bug Rally. The rally is more of a motorized scavenger hunt than a rally in the usual sense, where drivers roll around the city searching for checkpoints and following directions to get to the finish line. I showed up to witness the spectacle of hoards of air-cooled bugs jamming through weekend Austin traffic.

It was about 100F by 5pm.

Introducing the drivers and cars before handing out directions.
The flag and running start.

Parking lot emptied after a few minutes,


Attempting to get through “Domain” traffic...

Meanwhile at the finish line...

I left the competitors to drive back to the finish line so I could take photos of cars arriving. A few cars were already there, those of organizers or competitors who got lost on the rally. This year’s rally was apparently more complicated than last years as I ended up waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more before competitors finally showed up at the finish.

But eventually finishers began to arrive.

Many wonderful cars collected.