Pictures taken with a Potato X...


Proving how uncomfortable the 3rd row seats are in a Volvo 740, two Jalops at a time.

Got this one, while everyone was recording the exhaust note on the SLS. It sounds like a Messerschmitt...

Wandering back to our cars after karting.

Look, the shirt matches the brick!

The Swedes invaded Tennessee, in wagons. All Hail Our Swedish Overlords.

Finally, the group photo we've all been waiting for. I'm the sexy guy with the Mazda3. Unfortunately, Battery Tender Unnecessary couldn't make it to the karting, so it's just the rest of us.


Thanks again to Velocity-Silky Smooth Six for getting this together. Also, mad props to Battery Tender Unnecessary for letting me prove I don't fit as easily into an SLS as I do into a Fiat Spider, and Hindered23, who took the group shot, since he wasn't driving.

Edit: Found a better group shot and a photo of Godspeed11 and one other, in the back of the Volvo.

Edit2: Corrected Godspeed11's screenname and gave Potatophoto credits to Hindered23 for the group shot.