With building work being carried out on one side of me a few doors down and demolish-ion work going on at the end of the street the other side. Piglet was getting a bit dusty. The dust had bonded to the calcium deposits from the occasional rain shower water spots.

Not to mention the wheels were starting to look a little caked in brake dust.

Dried bird bomb hadn’t penetrated the sealant.

Wheels cleaned and fallout remover used.

Then onto my summer car shampoo, Gtechniq UVwash, UVwash is a shampoo which imparts an anti-static quality repelling dust and UV protection. Normally used on yachts, etc... it protects all sub-straights from plastic through glass and painted bodywork.

Some nice finished shots of cleaned and protected wheels and tyres.

Some fine scratches on the gloss plastic B pillars.

Taped up.

Polished and sealed with a ceramic scratch resistant coating.

More final shots.

Nice clean and dressed wheel arches.

Sorry for boring anyone. :(