Recently I moved down to Virginia for a new job and just happen to be pretty close to a racetrack many of you know ;). This past weekend I was at Virginia International Raceway (VIR). Photographing for the support races, F1600/F2000/Atlantic Championship Series; What can I say about this experience?

Let me start by saying I am not use to taking photographs, let alone photographing motorsports, I am a cinematographer. I have only had the chance to photograph racing no more than once a year, the last time I was a year or two ago at Mid Ohio for the SCCA Majors tour.

VIR is now my new favorite track, the facilities, track and all of the employees are just amazing. Everyone is extremely nice and are welcoming it doesn’t matter if you are Alan McNish or myself, a no name photographer. They treat everyone with the respect they deserve.


The weekend started with me waking up promptly at 4:55am to be on the road before 5:30am, in the car and on the road for an hour and a half drive. I arrived at the track at around 7am to go claim my media credentials before the first qualifying session I had to photograph which started at 8am.

Saturday and Sunday were both 12 hour plus days with sunny skies and an average temperature of 85 degrees. The races were fantastic and the fans came out to showcase their support for their favorite drivers and teams. Photographing an event like this past weekend was special and I hope to have many more photographing or filming race weekends like these.

So take a peak at some of my favorite photos!!!!!