Top Cats racing are a specialist TVR garage, mostly specialising in LS conversions. They kindly opened up their workshops this morning to Pistonheads come and have a nosy around, with around 150 cars making their way to a small industrial estate outside Bicester.

Pistonsheads is a broad church, Ferrari 360, Subaru Impreza STi, and Bentley Arnage, just out of shot is a Civic type R and Caterham.

Wedge TVRs = Maximum 80s.


Turbo, Hemi Jeep SRT8.

Turbo roughly the size of a dinner plate. Goodness knows how many horsies this is producing.


Hmm, We need to fit the gauges somewhere. I know, Under the dash!

I’d have loved to work at the TVR design team, mostly just to see how good the crack these guys were clearly smoking was.

One of 2 white DC5 Type Rs present.

I mean, we all love a stupid fast estate car dont we.

Proper 1M.

Not seen a GT3 RS in silver before, but really like it. I love the louder colours too, but the subtlety of the silver is pretty stunning.

Old style 911,

One of 2 M2s, both in this colour there also.

Obligatory picture of the S2000

There was a Z06 on the ramps with these sneaky Jake logos on the dust caps.

And the cars that made Top Cats famous, the Marcos Mantis.