Screw all the vintage cars, because they’re old and full of tetanus. Here’s all the non-vintage exotic cars from the VGP.

This Balboni was the highlight for me
Mmm...stripey gated manual
Snake in the grass
50th Anniversario
Cali’s don’t particularly excite me, but damn, Blue Mirabeau looks stunning
The open fields are awesome for clean backgrounds
Gentle footsteps walking away from a Chrome Atom
Seems like the only first-gen R8 painted in a real color
Cool I guess. Would have been better with a manual and no hybrid system
Blue Corsa
The latest and greatest from Woking
Fistral Blue
An ordinary SLR
And the final production SLR, painted in Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa
Cocaine white with a cocaine white interior
GT4 wearing a 911R suit
I wish my yellow Corvette had this tan interior
Rosso Monza
Had to walk about 432 miles to find this Project 7
And some sort of custom purple M3