In times of war, factories churn out thousands of warplanes. During WWII, the Ilyushin Design Bureau built over 36,000 Il-2 Sturmoviks, essentially a flying tank, that helped turn the tide of battle on the Eastern Front. However, that impressive production run only gets the Sturmovik second place on the list of most-produced aircraft. Do you know which aircraft takes first place? It’s the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, a humble grocery-getter of an airplane developed from the tail-dragging Cessna 170 that took its first flight in 1955. Since then, more than 44,000 have been built in 21 variants in the US and France, and it remains in production today.

Cessna 172A, built in 1960 (Buster40004 via Wikimedia Commons)
Cessna 172K Hawk XP on floats (FlugKerl2 via Wikimedia Commons)
Reims-Cessna FR172H Reims Rocket, built in Reims, France (Pedro Aragão via Wikimedia Commons)
Cessna T-41 Mescalero, a military variant of the Cessna 172 used for pilot training (US Air Force)

Connecting Flights

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