Fellow Oppos, I am planning on moving next year to California and taking my Miata on a one-way journey across the US. This trip should be happening sometime in the September 2017 time frame ideally. One of the major things that I have started to think about is how exactly to get there. There are many routes to take and I only have one priority: Maximum fun roads. I would really like to avoid interstates as much as possible and am hoping to take about 2-3 weeks to get there. Anyways, I would like some suggestions about some routes I could take. Right now, highest on my list of options is to take “The Great Northern” route (Route 2) primarily but I open to just about anything. My number one priority is fun roads to drive on and I will be minimally packing my Miata and camping everywhere, so the more desolate the better!

Picture even has NJ plates, how relevant!

LA/Socal is my eventual end destination most likely. And ideally my trip would end by coming down the PCH but isn’t a must since I have driven that already and will certainly being doing that often once i move there.