Spent my weekend on a couple projects for my car. First up was taking care of the terribad halogens that had been forced upon the perfectly decent projector lenses.

Left is halogen, right is LED.

Color temperature comparison

After and before

Looks so much more modern

These are what the bulbs look like. Had to modify the plugs slightly as the polarity was wrong on my car.

Link to buy these bulbs

Next up was the doors. I had gotten some sound deadening material in an attempt to dial back some of the rattling and buzzing from my speakers.

I still don’t understand Bose speakers. What the hell is this and how does it work? Complete mystery.

A couple shots of the passenger door cavity with the plastic peeled back.

Coverage isn’t important. The heavy material stuck to the thin sheet metal changes its resonant frequency and gets it out of the “annoying range” with proper application. I forgot to take out the speakers and put some behind them. Damn.

Put it on a few places on the inner door structure as well, then took the other half of the sheet and put pieces all over the door card itself. It works great. Bass rattles are far reduced and the door sounds much more solid when you close it. I’d like to remove the plastic moisture barrier entirely and replace it with the deadening for 100% coverage of the interior of the door, though mass-loaded vinyl would be a better choice for that.

EDIT: Totally forgot, I also lubed the window guides and rollers. Windows are waaaay faster and smoother now. It’s fantastic.