I visited a Tacoma yard and Olympia yard, lets start with some Tacoma highlights:

I’m tempted to take this but will wait till next weekend. If you need it, you better get it soon!
Not quite right
Very Clean car, had no parking sticker on it so I am hoping everything is good on it.
Fantastic seats!
Seats were in here
Absolutely nothing special about it
Fancy Mercedes phone
I pity the poor bastard who drove an old diesel van
The skeleton carpet belonged to this
V6 of course

And now for some Olympia highlights:

This is in a holding pen so it might be saved
Dirty Diesel VWs, pretty surprised to see them here
Sweet upswept exhaust bro!
Coffee was in here
What?, super hard to find in a junkyard!
I feel an intentionally rusted hood is an early sign a car is headed for junk status
Super little truck, had near perfect bench seat in it
I had no idea Preludes dated back to the 70's
Only thing recycled from dirty VW’s