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The Porsche 911 celebrated it's 50th birthday last year and it was an epic celebration around the world. Since 1963, there have been seven generations of the 911; each with it's own unique attributes, qualities, issues, and legendary stories. Now is the time to see what the world of Oppo thinks of the 911!


NOTE: I Didn't Add Any of The GTs Because There Were Simply Too Many For Me to Add! This is Just the Regular 911s and Turbos.

Here is each generation:

The Air-Cooled Era

Classic 911




The Water-Cooled Era


(996 Facelift)



On to the polls!

Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled?

Targa, Cabriolet, or Coupe?

Best Looking Air-Cooled?

Best Looking Water-Cooled?

Best Looking Overall

Best Looking Interior

Best Looking Engine Bay

Which Would you Drive Everyday?

Which Would you Track?

Time for the Turbos!


964 Turbo

993 Turbo

996 Turbo

997 Turbo

991 Turbo

Best Looking Turbo

Which Turbo Would you Drive?

Which Turbo Would you Track?

991: PDK or Manual?

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What Should I do Next?