Mustangs, we either love'em, hate'em, resent their culture, or want to fit in with them. Let's vote!


1st Gen. '64-66

1st Gen. '67-68

1st Gen. '69-70

1st Gen. '71-73

2nd Gen.

3rd Gen.

3rd Gen. Facelift

4th Gen.

4th Gen. "New Edge"

5th Gen.

5th Gen. Refresh

6th Gen.

Hardtop, Fastback, Convertible?

Best Looking?

Best Interior?

Which Would You Drive Daily?

Which Would You Track?

Do You Believe the Mustang Stereotype?

This stereotype in particular is the AssHat Stereotype

The AssHat that always wants to do one of the following:

1. Thinks his car is best car

2. Does much burnouts

3. Ruins car shows and Cars & Coffee by doing something stupid

4. Is an AssHat

5. Tries to doing something cool, ends up doing something stupid and crashes his Stang. Like this:

Is the Mustang Stereotype the Reason You Won't/Wouldn't Buy a Mustang?

Manual or Automatic for a Mustang?

Independent Rear Suspension/Yes or No?

Who's Excited for/Wants the 2015 Mustang?

Drop Comments below with your answer and why, and enjoy!

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