This years Porsche-only Cars and Coffee brought in quite a crowd. The parking lot only fits about 65-70 show cars, so more Porsches poured onto the street. Doing a quick count, there were about 110-120 publicly-owned (owned by real people, not the dealership) Porsches there today, about 25-30 of which were pre-1989 (classics). Here are some highlights, including some spectator cars that actually showed-up the Porsches there!

Inside Porsches Storage room, there were 6 massive, fine prints (3 per wall). About 12 feet x 8 feet each, and I imagine worth a lot of money.

And now the cars on the sidelines. Including a Dodge Viper ACR, a Ford GT, an early 80s BMW sedan (which I really like for some reason. because brown maybe?), and a 1970 Volvo 164 in absolute pristine shape. The 1970 Volvo takes the cake for the best car there today. Talked to the owner for over 10 minutes about its history. It was completely original and immaculate- a true time capsule. No rust, no dents, no stickers, no wear, no aftermarket things- you’d have trouble finding a scratch! Some one to two year old daily driver cars are in worse shape than it! About 40,000 original miles, second owner. Could be the most immaculate 1970s Volvo in Canada. It belonged in a showroom. I have more on that story if you want to hear.