Yeah, yeah, I know the Chicago Auto Show was so long ago. Yeah, I'm slow. Procrastination is a [expletive].

Anyway, so I'm gathering up my 500 photos to make a huge photo dump when I thought I ran across two of the same photos...

They aren't...One is the interior of the new BMW i3, and the other is the interior of the limited edition BoConcept smart fortwo...

During the Media Preview, many concept cars, expensive cars, and special cars were unlocked for the press to glamor over. I made no delay in getting comfy with the i3.


Now, as everyone here knows, I'm a big fan of smart. But holy cow, the i3's interior is simply out of this world. It feels so, right. It's comfortable, it's stylish, it's futuristic, it feels of quality, it's even green!

Well done BMW, well done.