Bump for the evening crowd. The short version is: door is fixed, windows and lock works, mirror doesn’t fold because it’s not a motorised version (derp), yes I can (slowly) fix all those clear coat scratches myself, and unfortunately, yes, my employer can ask for my insurance information and expect me to have a certain level of insurance beyond legal requirements. But it’s not nearly as expensive as I feared.

While my mechanic worked on swapping the door innards, I worked on pulling everything out of the car for a cleaning:

I spray and washed the DC5 Integra Type R Recaros and did a lot better job fitting the carpet. There’s still some modification to be made, but it’s a lot better now underneath the center console, and I’m getting it ready for under dash console build and side wall additions. I reinstalled my dead pedal foot rest thingie, and imagine my surprise when it was exactly molded the same as that part of the EP3 carpet. Now I just need to get a metal dead panel to put over it! HONDA, folks, HONDA.

Then of course, I vacuumed. I also pulled off the fraying faux carbon fiber on the center dash cover. I’ll be painting it gunmetal to match the 2001 TS instrument cluster.

I de-badged everything so I can clean/refresh everything like my TS logo and the Logo logo (say that five times fast). The Honda emblems will be replaced with red ones as befits this car... I just ordered these:

Significantly less obvious clear coat scratches (found a polisher that was working just by hand buffing, but I didn’t quite finish the job). I wanted to get everything washed and waxed. ALSO FIXED REAR DOOR HANDLE. It’s been broken since I bought the car! Yay!

Windshield gets replaced in two weeks, then some of that bumper and wheel well damage will get fixed/repainted.


Oh, yeah, did I mention... My mechanic says he CAN do the paperwork for a B-series swap. Yup, I buried the lede all the way at the bottom. Deal with it.