Just a couple knick-nacks remaining to finish on the 124 Spider. Currently trying to get the wipers working again; have power to the motor, had it working with the cowling off, reinstalled the cowling and wiper arms and they’re stuck again.

Time to apply graphite and try again. If that doesn’t work I guess I’ll try installing a 70s/80s VW unit— I’ve heard they’re a direct swap.


For a second I thought one of the intake pipes had gotten bent by a previous owner. Nope, I realized, that’s just Fiat’s ingenious way of getting enough clearance for the wiper motor without machining a specialty pipe. With the coach-built body, I can’t help but imagine a little Italian engineer hammering away at it with a body hammer and going “eh, that’s good enough...” (insert your own Italian accent).

Once I’ve gotten the wipers working again, the only thing I can think of that’ll stop me from daily driving it is wiring up the fan to run constantly so the radiator runs a little cooler in traffic and at lights... well, that and the limitations on driving an antique more than 4K miles a year...