A friendly reminder to improve the quality of our roadway experience and to take society one step closer to world peace.

To the people with tinted tail lights so "murdered out" that I can't see when they're braking in broad daylight. As cool as you think your car looks, just imagine how radical it'll be when the rear looks like a crumpled soda can. It'll be like high school all over again for you:

It kills me that people don't understand the concept of how 4-way stops work. If you and another person stop at the exact same time, the right of way always goes first. I'm looking at you Mr. 30 year old in the Ford Freestar waving me on like you're doing me a favor; It's my God given right to go first!

Also, when people get mad and honk their horns and make funny faces because you go first...since you're on the right and all. All I can say is this:

The answer is a resounding no. I stay my course and they let me go because they don't want to crash into me. I yield for no man. Let's hope it stays that way for my sake...I do drive a car that pre-dates 1997 side impact safety standards and was rated 2 stars "poor" under the NHSTA.


On that, I'm at a stop sign waiting for the car to go straight....annnd she's going right. She totally got me with the whole not using the turn signal to let me know her intentions. I always fall for that! I'm so gullible sometimes.

Same thing for merging on the expressway in stop and go heavy traffic. One way or another I'm getting on. The merge lane kind of ends and well I don't have much of a choice now do I Mr. black Mercedes GLK who goes out of its way to ride bumper to bumper in order not to let me in front of him.

There's a chink in his armor...his car has a higher MSRP than my 19 year old daily driver that my insurance company would ride off as totaled for the slightest dent.


The lane ends and after the smoke clears with a dramatic pause, I'm in front! The kick is good! I feel like a dick forcing my way in there but then I consider my alternative...crashing into a concrete slab because I didn't merge. Seriously, share the road peeps.

HID headlights on a non projector car is blinding. The rate you see the road better is proportionately tied to how every else sees the road worse when you're on it. It's like high beams on crack and feels like I'm staring into the sun when you drive on the oncoming lanes.

Drive accordingly to the weather conditions! I saw at least 3 cars turned around on the expressway and at least a dozen stuck in ditches or snow mounds this past week and lots of rear end collisions. Unless you're Michèle Mouton...slow down and give yourself plenty of braking room.

I'm always terrified at a stoplight that I'm going to get rear ended.

As a nation, We can do better! We deserve better! And it all starts with you.