So, last Friday morning, my wife was looking at animal shelter websites around us. She found this little girl who was supposed to be euthanized on November 27th, and I called to ask about adoption and so on.

The shelter people told us that she was lethargic, old, and missing a bunch of teeth. We went down that Friday and met the dog, and she seemed to be just that. She has a gray chin, and her eyes are a little glazed like my 7 year old Cocker Spaniel's, but she seemed sweet and friendly.

I filled out the paperwork and paid the adoption fee. We were allowed to pick her up after they did the heartworm test (she was negative) and she was saved from euthanasia. We picked her up the day before Thanksgiving.

So here's Binkie.

She's got almost all of her teeth — only missing a few teeth in the bottom on the front. She's full of energy most of the time and is absolutely sweet and loving. We took her around to both family events on Thanksgiving and everyone loved her. She was gentle and patient with the kids, too.

Here she is taking a nap on my wife's back, as my wife is also napping.