Hey Oppo- looking for a little input here. I'm online operations manager for a large-ish auto group, which means I'm responsible for pretty much everything we do on the internet, websites included.

I'm in the middle of a months-long quest to improve the quality of our websites and third party listings (think cars.com) to capture more peoples' attention and bring more people in the door/increase our rate of phone calls and emails from the sites. And I want to do it without using any of the typical shady dealer tactics- we run an honest business here.

So, my question is: If you're looking at buying a new or used car from a dealer, what sort of things can we do/put on our website to make you interested in doing business with us? And yes, we do already advertise our best prices online without any gimmicks or bogus rebates.


Feel free to rant and complain about prior experience as well, I'd love to hear about things I can do to not piss off our customers- but remember this is for online business only, not the sales/service process itself.

Thanks, and here's a Hellcat shooting brake for your trouble: