We all know it's been a cold and blustery winter, my first one with the ST has been a doozy. Every inch of snow and degree below freezing has added value to my (also first) snow tire purchase. I'm loving it.

What I am not loving is the onset of squeaking brakes.

The cold hit us hard in January with well below 0 on some days/nights. I did not have a single problem during that or any prior storms. However, this month has been filled with metallic shrills. I went in to have it looked at the other day but I was waaaaay too close to closing for them to check it out (why are normal business hours during MY normal business hours?). Guy at the service desk, who I have never seen there before, was kind of a dick (my friend said that I was too polite to the guy).


He asked if my car sits for prolonged periods of time between drives: no, driven every day.

He asked if it is every day: yes...and it's obnoxious.

He said that the brakes have a metal coating so it happens in the cold and to look at forums online. He also stated that many cars do this in the winter, too!: why would it start halfway through the winter? I also checked forums and there are some posts with similar complaints. However, I haven't heard a single other car squeal this winter...stop and go traffic last night was allllll me. I'm getting sick of pulling up to lights and having people look directly at me for piercing their eardrums.


Mileage is under 6,000 miles. Squeaking really only occurs under 30mph when coming to a complete or almost complete stop. Hard stops are fine. Regular maintenance has been performed. I had an oil change and such after Christmas and there's a whatever point inspection once over that didn't flag anything. It's probably nothing, 99% sure, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

I plan on bringing it in during my lunch to have them at least do a courtesy check. I've only had a 10 year old car squeak at me and it was because someone in my family wore down the brakes before I came home from school. A new car, in my mind, shouldn't sound like this.

Thanks guys.