A lot of talk has surrounded Ford's grills recently and they all in some regard mention Aston Martin. Now I'm no expert on car design, but I never really thought the new Fusion or Mustang looked too much like, say a DB9 or Vanquish. I always thought Ford's grill was just following the "catfish style" design element. The more people keep pestering this point though, the more I can't help but think of design elements like the stacked headlights from the mid 60's and the gaping grills of the early 70's. Obviously I'm too young to have known these cars when they were new, but I was wondering if anyone remembered whether cars like the Ford Fairlane or AMC Ambassador met similar criticism for using stacked headlights like Plymouth's Fury. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check the pics below.


1966 Cars With Stacked Headlights:

Plymouth Fury

Ford Galaxy

Ford Fairlane

AMC Ambassador

Pontiac GTO



Giant Grills of the Late 60's and Early 70's

Ford Thunderbird

Dodge Charger


Pointy Grills With Embedded Headlights

AMC Javlin

Shelby Mustang GT500



Slanty-Stacked Lights

Lincoln Continental

Chrysler 300


Curvy Fastbacks

AMC Marlin, Dodge Charger