As you remember, i once intrigued by the idea of replacing my CLS with a Toyota Crown. And today, it happens. Behold, my new car! :D

Straight-six, rear-wheel drive, 2JZ-GE. Toyota Supra and this, almost identical.

It's also almost identical to last week's Toyota Crown, but this one has lower kilometerage (130k vs 250k), and has been re-fitted with options, such as..


and Air Purifier and electric shade. I didn't got any of those in my CLS. And because it's japanese, it's still working.

Too bad they have remove the standard taxi CB Radio. If i got those, it would be brilliant.

Now the only thing that i need to do is 1 thing: strap a twin turbo in it. And it'll runs like a stabbed rat. I mean, nobody will assume this thing has a twin-turbo straight 6.

God i love my new Crown.