Nissan GT-R R35 is a very fast car [citation needed]. But some people thinks that "You know what? They should give it more power". And that's when Mine's come to action with the Mine's GT-R.

Over the years, Mine's has tuning skylines since the old R32, making what we know as "Absurdly Fast White Skyline from Gran Turismo". And eventually now they're tuning the GT-R.

So, what they've done with this car?

First, they add some lightness. The Standard car weighs at 1,740kg. This? It's full 150kg lighter, thanks to carbon fibre hood, front bumper, spoiler, canard, lips, side skirt, roof, trunk., wing, rear diffuser, and door shell. Yes it's still 1.6 ton car, but never fear, power solves everything!

Yeees. Power. The standard car has 545 horsepower. This car has 1000hp, thanks to massive list of part. I mean really. First, Mine's take the standard GT-R Engine, enlarge it from 3.6l to 4.1l. Then, they strap a brand new ECU, Reinforced Actuator, new Spark Plug, new Electronic Boost Controller, new Straight Converter, new Induction Support & Hose clamp, New Air filter, Titanium Suction Pipe Kit, Intercooler Titanium Hard Pipe Kit, High Flow Throttle System, new Camshaft, New pistons, Modified turbine kit, and many others. And i believe that, since the old Mine's Skyline R34 was pushing more than 700hp.

But actually, Mine's engineer said that if we run this car on Japanese's Gas, which has RON 100 octane rating, it can tuned past 1200hp. The Turbo now pushing a massive 21.3psi of boost. And that's change the car's character, completely.

Before driving this monster, the fastest car i ever driven was an Audi Estate that happens to have a 560hp Lamborghini V10 on it. And that's absurdly fast. The Mine's tough, it's fast beyond believe. Yes there's a bit of turbo lag under 3000rpm. But, realistically, when you drive a car this powerful you'll rarely find yourself under 3000rpm except on city driving when you leave it on full auto. Yes it's an Auto. I Don't care.

The ride is nice. You can almost call it comfortable. Especially those bucket seats, which is very nice. And other than that, i almost forgot that the interior is mostly standard.

It's also will baby since it has the back seats. Sort of. I don't have any babies laying around so i can't test it.

Now, at this point, you might wonder "How Much is It?"

Well, there's no easy way to answer this. I'll tell you straight away. It's US$600,000.

Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars, and that's thanks to my country's massive import laws (150% tax for everything with engines bigger than 3.5l). To put that in perspective, a Base Model Ferrari 458 in here cost 600k USD as well. So does McLaren 12C. The Lamborghini Aventador is twice as more expensive as this thing, while standard GT-R pegs at 120k USD.

But, you know a car is mental if it comes with it's own scary sounding certificate.

But still, that is one hell of a monster. 1 out of 3 Mine's Monster. I love that car.