Have you've ever wake up in the morning, smell the fresh morning air, and once thought "You know what? I Need a Sporty Minivan". But that's what exactly Toyota have done with Vellfire G's.

The standard Vellfire start out in life as a Toyota's Luxury Minivan, aimed at young families with emphasizes on strength and strong individuality. You might think "Who on earth that need luxury minivan?" But apparantely here in Asia minivan is more than a car to haul your families. Famous peoples love them, since it's offer bigger and nicer interior than the Mercedes S-Class, especially when it's on 4-seater trim. Don't believe me? Check this interior from standard Vellfire:

But to attract even more wider audience Toyota ask their tuning arm, the G's, to make a race-esqued alphard. And here it is:

The modification on this car is mostly focused on appearance and handling, thanks to custom-tuned G's Sport Suspension and Toyo's Proxxes tyres.

It's also got quad-exhaust.

And rear-diffuser.

In the interior, gone that standard Vellfire interior and you get this alcantara-trimmed seats, that pretends to be a racing seats. And there's G's badge everywhere, just like M cars and AMGs. It's also can carry quite a lot of person in it, since it's still a 7-seater minivan.

Too bad they didn't touch the engine, so it's still standard and humble 3.5l 2GR-FE engine, producing a respectable 276hp and 240lb-ft of torque. It's got AWD tough, but since it weighs 1.9 tonnes, don't expect this car to be very quick. 0-60 takes about 9-10 seconds, and the top speed is limited at 112mph, since that's japanese regulation.

How it's feels then? Well, the standard Vellfire is very soft and wallowy, so it's ions out bumps. The standard car is also very understeery and when you do any sudden maneuvers it feels it want to be flip over. And if you take the standard car to a back mountain road, the car leans so much that it will make you feel carsick.

But the G's Vellfire feels more focused, the understeer and softness is still there, but it feels more grippy and quick. It feels that finally you can drive this car without fearing of carsick and flip this car, it's much more stable. But it's still feels like a very big car. It's like driving a small shed that equipped with sport suspension and toyo proxes, that's it.

Standard equipment, you get Triple zone Full-Auto and Independently Adjusted Air Conditioning with Recirculated Air Modes and Rear Personal Air Conditioning and Air Purifier (damn thats freaking long), you get satnav, electric seats that can massage you (but only in the middle), TV mounted on the headliner (only in the middle as well), radar guided cruise control, and many other things.

Now at this point, you might wonder, how much is it?

Well, Price start at a hefty 995 Million Rupias, or 83.5k USD. Part of it was 100% import tax, that's make this car so expensive. I think without import tax it's going to be somewhat a bit more affordable, because in Japan the MSRP for this thing was 41.5kUSD. But still, it's an amazing car. If i had a big family with many children i might consider one.