Grand Theft Auto V Update Gives You All The Cars You Really Want

Every day, or maybe every day, or possibly never, we are flooded by emails from readers. "Please, oh please, can I get an original 1969 Nissan Skyline GT-R in my Grand Theft Auto V," they all say. Worry no longer, as a big free update just gave us all the tasteful cars we always wanted.

Including a dead-ringer for a Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6.

Go grab the free update now.

R* Releases "Jalopnik" Update for GTA V: Also Known as Hipster Update

If this wasn't made for Jalops, I don't know what is.

A new update released for free adds 7 new vehicles into GTA V, including a Hakosuka Skyline, AMC Pacer, Ford Falcon, Mercedes 240, Citroen SM and a Smart forTwo/Scion IQ


Not only are these awesome cars included, the various mods are included to transform the Vapid Blade into a Gasser, Warrerner into a retro JGTC car, and the Lampadati Pigalle into a kustom, with roof racks and rusted hoods.

So if you got GTA V, start it up and grab the free update.

The size difference between the Dubsta and the 6x6

And with mods

The Vapid Blade with Gasser Engine and Roll cage, stock suspension. Also has options for 2 wings, and painted bumpers and grille

Panto along side Dubsta 6x6 with roof rack and bumpers, has options for carbon parts, roof racks with luggage, Police bullbar and sticker bomb

Warrener with exposed intercooler and lip. Also includes Shark Nose hood, bosozuko styled front lip, exposed oil cooler, shakotan exuast and over fenders.

H/T to carcrasher88 for corrections