TL;DR up front: world-class idiot in R8 chases superbikes on highway in Brazil, danger ensues.

Some people think that a supercar can keep a litre bike at bay. I believe that the opposite is the case under most circumstances. Chances to get away from a bike are slim and none, especially when there's traffic ... unless, of course, you go all Mad Max and decide to make your own laws. Always a great idea!

Anyway ... here's a clip I found today on the very Dutch Autoblog that gives you a pretty accurate idea of just how reckless you would need to be to actually pull off something like this.

Good thing there's a guy in Brazil who was just that extra bit mad. To be fair, I'm only guessing that this is Brazil based on the plates and the fact that they speak Português. Said guy cruises along the highway at a leisurely 185 km/h, a woman in the R8's passenger seat, when two superbikes decide to pass them on the right. What an impudence, right?! The bikes are a puny Suzuki GSX-R1000 and an even more pedestrian Kawasaki ZX10R with its 200+ hp. The woman even begs him to not start a race, but he's already in the danger zone or something.

What ensues is not a simple blast of throttle "to show 'em" but a full-blown chase that would leave every normal driver's sphincter with muscle soreness. Idiot driver in his R8 decides that he totally needs to teach them a lesson and, in the process, endangers a whole lot of people, the two loonie bikers and his passenger included. None of them give a shit about safety, it seems, and when they should just throw in the towel, they also gun it.


There's overtaking on the right and on the shoulder, there's also borderline-suicidal tailgating ... All at speeds that easily exceed 200 km/h – what's the national speed limit in Brazil again?

When the Ninja rider is on the brink of crashing or overshooting, the woman in the passenger seat tries her best to persuade the driver to let them get away and stop pushing them. Clever girl!

In the end, nobody got hurt in this, except some people's pants maybe ... but there's just so much that could have, almost should have gone bad.

Always remember the wise Clarkson's words: "Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that's what gets you." And there's lots of ways of becoming oh-so stationary very quickly.

Link to the video:… (in case Kinja hates embedding or me or both)