(see prior day here) Today I had planned to stop off after work for parts, then spend the entire evening working on the truck. Instead a friend and co-worker had the passenger window of her car unexpectedly get stuck down, so I spent a couple hours tearing into it and trouble-shooting before I was able to jury-rig a jumper that would let me raise the window so her car would be weather tight.

I pulled a bunch of stuff off the engine with the intent of repainting it. Off came the oil pan, side pushrod covers, and the siamese intake/exhaust logs.

I was able to paint the valve cover, and touch up the missed spots on the block, but at that point I ran out of paint. So that is another thing to go on the shopping list.

The underside of the internals are as clean as the topside was, so that was another good discovery. However pulling the intake caused me to make a really nasty discovery...

All three intake runners in the head have rust in them, There was also a small amount of water in them. I don’t know if this happened while the truck the motor came out of was sitting for 15 years, or over the 8 months it has been sitting in my garage, or just from when I did some quick pressure washing of it this weekend.

Regardless of when/how, I needed to clean it out. I wiped what I could reach out with a rag, then flipped the motor on the stand and blasted it with a air gun. Which resulted in the gun looking like I’d tried to use it for the worst enema ever. After that I flushed the ports with brake clean while still facing down so it could drain. Tomorrow I’ll flip it back over and see what I’m left with.

I also painted the motor mount brackets, pulley, fan and clutch linkage bracket.

My Masterseries paint arrived, so the part of the inside of the frame that I’d previously sandblasted got a coat of silver.

I still don’t know how to get the shaft ends off the A-Arms, though I’m also trying to decide if it is worth replacing them if they still move smoothly with no slack.

The list, with half of one line crossed off. Tomorrow more parts/supplies/tools/paint acquisitions, and hopefully I’ll be able to scrub the grease off the oil pan, side covers, and intake and start bolting things back on the motor.