I don't know how/what/why/who, but shit apparently went down today and it was stirred into a frothy milkshake of anger and hate. This is NOT the Oppo way. Now we have people apologizing for shit they didn't even stir, which causes the shit that was previously not stirred to become stirred from the future. This causes it to enter a state of being both stirred and not stirred. AKA, a "Schrodinger Shitshake".

So for all of my fellow Oppos, allow me to put this into terms for us all to understand so that we may rally together, to restore some sanity and proper etiquette to Oppo. All of these shit stirring posts are Lancia Delta S4s - powerful, dangerous, ridiculous, and one wrong turn from a flaming crash.

Do not strive for your post to be an S4. Instead, look to the humble, and more endearing Delta Integrale. Much more modest, yet timeless and classic because of it. Constructed with both purpose and passion, let the integrale serve as the role model for all of us to follow on here.