First things first. Worked on the truck last night, EGR issues, tried to clean out a few hard tubes and replace an EGR modulator...but the part for the dealer was broken. Then I thought I would replace the PCV valve while I was in there...why not, it was only a few bucks...broke the damn hose. Yes Broke, The PCV grommet, hose and anything in that are was supposed to be soft rubber was like porcelain, and it shattered. Drove to a different dealer to buy the formed hoses with a taped up PCV this morning.

Not sure if CEL is from previous EGR flow issue or new PCV issue...or both.

Anyway, on my way into work this morning I saw a lovely, clean 2014 Shelby Cobra and I was a little shocked when I pulled up next to it to see a mid 40's woman in a flower shirt was also a stick. I just looked over to her and nodded in approval.

Also, I love coming to work and seeing this

D90, FJ cruiser, JKU wrangler.

There is a lifted FJ in the parking lot too, but this is how is stacked up this morning. Its good to live in Utah methinks.


On a related note, Mr. D90 (whose truck is usually dirty and who drives it in rain and snow without sides) in a show of solidarity parked next to me during lunch, as I have parked next to him several times when the opportunity presents itself.